Treating hearing loss

In most cases there is an obstruction to the external ear canal (atresia) in addition to microtia, which causes a hearing loss that is conductive in nature.

In these cases there are a number of options for restoring the hearing:

Often it is possible to reconstruct the external ear canal and the middle ear. This option is explored before the surgery by performing CT imaging of the ears.

In the event that the external ear canal and the middle ear cannot be reconstructed, it is recommended to restore the hearing through vibration-based hearing aids (e.g., skull BAHA).

It is important to note that in order to preserve potential hearing ability, it is imperative to monitor the patient’s condition, including performing hearing tests, from a very early age.

In any event, in most cases it is recommended to use bone-conducting soft band BAHA device during the waiting period for the surgery, in order to preserve the hearing ability and not to damage the blood supply to the area.

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